Обложка книги Deliberative Environmental Politics : Democracy and Ecological Rationality

Deliberative Environmental Politics : Democracy and Ecological Rationality

ISBN: 0262524449; 9780262524445;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionIn Deliberative Environmental Politics , Walter Baber and Robert Bartlett link political theory with the practice of environmental politics, arguing that the "deliberative turn" in democratic theory presents an opportunity to move beyond the policy stalemates of interest-group liberalism and offers a foundation for reconciling rationality, strong democracy, and demanding environmentalism. Deliberative democracy, which presumes that the essence of democracy is deliberation -- thoughtful and discursive public participation in decision making -- rather than voting, interest aggregation, or rights, has the potential to produce more environmentally sound policy decisions and a more ecologically rational form of environmental governance. Baber and Bartlett defend deliberative democracy's relevance to environmental politics in the twenty-first century against criticisms from other theorists. They critically examine three major models for deliberative...