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Energy and Environment (Gerad 25th Anniversary)

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ISBN: 0387253513
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2005
Book Description ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT is a volume on energy and environmental modeling that describes a broad variety of modeling methodologies, embodied in models of varying scopes and philosophies, ranging from top-down integrated assessment models to bottom-up partial equilibrium models, to hybrid models. Integrated into the discussion and examination are chapters covering: The Sustainability of Economic Growth by Cabo, Martin-Herran & Martinez-Garcia ; Abatement Scenarios in the Swiss Housing Sector by L. Drouet et al ; Support and Planning for Off-Site Emergency Management, by Geldermann et al ; Hybrid Energy-Economy Models, by Jaccard ; The World-MARKAL Model and Its Application, by Kanudia et al ; Methodology for Evaluating a Market of Tradable CO 2 -Permits, by Kunsch and Springael ; MERGE – A Model for Global Climate Change, by Manne and Richels...