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Charlotte Benson

Understanding the Economic and Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters (Disaster Risk Management Series)

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ISBN: 0821356852
Издательство: World Bank Publications
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 130
Book DescriptionReported disaster losses have risen rapidly over the last few decades, triggering a growing awareness of the potential damage caused by natural hazards. However, there is limited knowledge or understanding of their broader macroeconomic significance or the problems they pose for long-term development. Drawing on evidence from Bangladesh, Dominica and Malawi, Understanding the Economic and Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters explores these macro-economic and development issues. Thereport examines the short and long-term economic and financial impacts of natural disasters, the factors that contribute to underlying sensitivities, and identifies opportunities for improving the economic management of risk and disasters as they unfold.Download DescriptionThis report explores the macro-economic and public finance implications of natural disasters, including the role of information and mechanisms for risk spreading, and drawing in particular on evidence from...
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