Обложка книги Cost-Benefit Analysis And Water Resources Management

Cost-Benefit Analysis And Water Resources Management

ISBN: 1843763591;
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Book Description?Water is not just H2O, but has a socioeconomic value for many use and non-use purposes. This volume contains a varied set of very interesting evaluation studies on water resources management. The editors have served the scientific community and relevant policy bodies with a balanced collection of operational contributions to a solid cost-benefit perspective on water management. This book is certainly an eye-opener for anyone interested in the significance of cost-benefit analysis for water policy issues.? - Peter Nijkamp, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands ?The book chapters are written to accommodate readers of various disciplines, using a descriptive analysis of complicated issues to be easily comprehended bynon-technical readers. The coverage of the issues is also phenomenal, including application of CBA to flood control, river restoration, river basin management, water quality, ground water, and water allocation, to mention only a few....