Обложка книги The Playboy Book: 50 Years

The Playboy Book: 50 Years

ISBN: 3-8228-3976-0;
Издательство: Taschen
Страниц: 464

Fine gentlemen's entertainment since 1953. Relive Playboy's fifty-year history with this sweeping retrospective of the groundbreaking magazine that grew from Hugh Hefner's pet project into an icon as recognizable as Disney and Coca-Cola. Visit Hef's Playboy Mansion, canoodle with his delectable Bunnies, tour the DC-9 Big Bunny jet, experience the sizzling atmosphere of the Playboy Clubs, read the best Playboy interviews, original fiction, and humor, cackle at the irreverent cartoons and social satire pieces, and - of course - admire each Playmate of the Month since the first issue (all six hundred of them!). All of the magazine's most glorious moments are highlighted in this extravaganza of Playboy nostalgia. With an introduction by Hugh Hefner.

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