Обложка книги Le Matin. Фотоальбом

Le Matin. Фотоальбом

ISBN: 90-76886-36-9;
Издательство: Tectum
Страниц: 208

"In a photo there are no rules. Men can think in a complex way to get a simple photo or the contrary, think in a simple way to get a complex photo. The best photos are those, simple or complex, that convey an emotion to the person who looks at them." "When I engaged myself in a conversation with Peter - also a photographer - in 1992 on the patio of the cult hotel Le Nord Pin us in Aries, I would never have imagined that the man would influence my life so intensely. I had admired his work for years but didn't know him personally. It was only when - at his invitation - I went to see him working on the beach at Beauduc that it really occured to me that I had spent an indelible time with Lindbergh. Year by year our friendship grew, nurtured by the same thoughts, senses and our love for the Camargue. His simplicity and spontaneous directness, the soft yet forceful manner in which he persuaded top models to become purely women. He was and still is simply fascinating. I...