Обложка книги T Just Do Something, Stand There!

T Just Do Something, Stand There!

ISBN: 9781576754252;

No wonder people everywhere are so cynical about “another meeting,” having attended so many they considered poorly led, counter-productive, and time-wasting. The purpose of Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! is to outline the ten principles for structuring and managing meetings. Whether it is a meeting in your community, in a board rooms, with work teams, in offices, schools, factories, or hospitals, Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! shows you how to start leading meetings the right way. The book is organized into two major sections, the first discusses how to successfully structure and manage meetings. The second, shows the keys to “managing yourself” — illustrating techniques to deal with anxiety, getting used to projections, establishing dependability, and learning to say “no” in order to make your “yes” mean anything. This book shows groups how to achieve shared goals in a timely way, manage differences without flying apart, solve problems and make tough decisions, all...

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