Обложка книги Crumbtown


ISBN: 0375413642;
Издательство: Knopf
Страниц: 272

Amazon.com Crumbtown , Joe Connelly's second novel (following 1998's Bringing Out the Dead ), is a satirical romp through a neighborhood filled with inept criminals, reality television crews, and urban squalor. Once across the Dodgeport Bridgeinto Crumbtown, cobblestones are replaced with potholes, and buildings are "numbered not in sequence but according to color." Crumbtown native Don Reedy led a life of crime until he was caught: he stole and vandalized vehicles, and robbed banks until caught while throwing cash to the locals. Rob Landetta, struggling to stay afloat in the entertainment industry, seizes upon Reedy's tale and obtains early parole for Reedy in order to have him act as a consultant on his own life story. Reedy's botched bank job is recreated, complete with his bungling former partners, the twins Tim and Tom. When the actors are slipped real guns, Reedy decides to do the job right this time, and sets to rob the television show and its "fake" bank. ...