Обложка книги Maggie Darling: A Modern Romance

Maggie Darling: A Modern Romance

ISBN: 0871139103;
Издательство: Atlantic Monthly Press
Страниц: 336

A modern woman has it all, loses it all, and learns how to live and love in a mad world of wealth and worship She?s the goddess of hearth and home, America?s millionaire media maven of domesticity, Connecticut?s most dazzling hostess, and everything in her world must be perfect?except that Maggie Darling?s enviable life has suddenly gone off the rails. Amid the extravagant buffets of a Yuletide bash for two hundred, she spies her scoundrel investment banker husband Kenneth slipping out of a powder room behind creamy young Laura Wilkie. He is, shall we say, not forgiven. Matrimonial meltdown launches Maggie on a year of romance and misadventure, including a Venetian fling with British rock star Frederick Swann, entanglement with the gangsta rap group Chill Az Def, and a fiendish seduction by?of all people?her dashing book editor, Harold Hamish, amid the trappings of a Vermont country weekend complete with fly rods and really good chardonnay....

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