Обложка книги Prince of Lost Places

Prince of Lost Places

ISBN: 0399149368;
Издательство: Putnam Publishing Group
Страниц: 208

Book Description"Forty million mothers would have followed me out here, if they had known this place existed." Martha's son, Duncan, is the light of her life. After a child is killed at Duncan's school, Martha decides that she must protect him from the world and from the constant, unnameable dangers that plague parents and their children. So late one night, she kidnaps him and takes him to a cave near the Rio Grande River to live, hidden and isolated. When her hideout is discovered by a strange man, Martha is wary and suspicious, but slowly begins to trust him with her son-never realizing that this man is a detective sent by her husband to bring her back home. As the fiercely protective mother and the detective fall in love, they move ever closer to a final confrontation, a terrible choice, and the revelation of Martha's devastating secret. Full of haunting atmosphere and seductive tension, Prince of Lost Places is a stirring tale that reaffirms Kathy...

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