Обложка книги Silas Marner (Audio Editions)

Silas Marner (Audio Editions)

ISBN: 1572703393;
Издательство: Audio Partners

Book DescriptionEmbittered after a false accusation of theft, betrayed in friendship, and rejected in love, the weaver Silas Marner moves to the village of Raveloe and into a twilight world furnished only with his loom and his hidden gold. Into this cramped life comes 2-year-old, golden-haired Eppie, whom Silas adopts. From this seemingly simple story, George Eliot creates a memorable tale of early 19th-century English village life and the healing power of love. This is the first unabridged audiobook edition of Eliot's masterful novel available to the retail market.Download DescriptionExiled by superstition and betrayal from Lantern Yard, and cut off from faith and human love, for fifteen years the solitary simple-hearted weaver Silas Marner has plied his loom in Raveloe and devoted himself to the amassing of a hoard of golden guineas. Silas's chance of redemption, when it appears one New Year's Eve, is intimately connected with the fate of Godfrey Cass, son of the village Squire....