Обложка книги Child Of My Right Hand

Child Of My Right Hand

ISBN: 1402203063;
Издательство: Sourcebooks Landmark
Страниц: 315

Book DescriptionThe stunning third novel from acclaimed author Eric Goodman is the story of a middle class family: college professors Jack and Genna Barish and their two children, fourteen-year-old Lizzy and seventeen-year-old Simon. The four have just moved to Tipton, Ohio, a small town divided by bigotry and class tensions, when Simon announces to his family, and eventually to the town, what his parents have long suspected?that he is gay. As Jack and Genna struggle to deal with their son?s sexuality, his oppressive, ever-present teenaged angst and the conflicts that are raised within their marriage, the complex dynamics of a family unfold: love, doubt, betrayal, and sympathy?all strikingly caught by the author. Equally vivid are theTipton residents? spectrum of reactions to Simon, ranging from open acceptance to acts of violent rage. This is a beautifully written and complex work of fiction.