Обложка книги About Grace : A Novel

About Grace : A Novel

ISBN: 0143036165;
Издательство: Penguin (Non-Classics)
Страниц: 416

Book Description Anthony Doerr?s short-story collection The Shell Collector was praised by the Los Angeles Times as being "as close to faultless as any writer?young or vastly experienced?could wish for." One of the finest young writers today, Doerr has the ability to not only spin beautiful prose but also keep readers captivated with his imagination and fully realized characters. With About Grace , he delivers one of the wisest and most compelling first novels of recent times. In luminous prose, Doerr tells the story of David Winkler, a man graced with the gift of premonition and plagued by a dream that foretells his daughter?s death. Ranging from Alaska to Ohio to the Caribbean, About Grace is a heartbreaking, radiant, and astonishingly accomplished novel about the tiny but lifesaving miracles happening around us at each moment.

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