Обложка книги Divided Kingdom

Divided Kingdom

ISBN: 1400042186;
Издательство: Knopf
Страниц: 368

Book Description Following The Book of Revelation —“a premise made terrifyingly real by a hugely talented writer,” wrote The New York Times Book Review —Rupert Thomson now explores a radical social experiment in a novel both politically provocative and personally mesmerizing. One night a boy who comes to be called Thomas Perry is taken from his family, caught up in a comprehensive unraveling of what had been a united kingdom. The powers that be—reacting to their country’s inexorable decline into consumerism, turpitude, racism, and violence—establish in its place four independent republics based on the perceived nature of the citizens assigned to each, and reinforce these new partitions with concrete barricades and razor wire. Renamed, relocated, and granted favored status, Thomas enjoys one success after another until, as a devoted civil servant, he suddenly falls out of the system entirely and travels illegally throughout...

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