Обложка книги Hyped


ISBN: 0972800565;
Издательство: Black Pearl Books
Страниц: 272

Book DescriptionMaurice LaSalle is a player ? of women and the saxophone. A gifted musician, he?s the driving force behind MoJazz, a neo-soul group on the verge of their big break. Along with his partner in rhyme and crime, Jamal Grover, Maurice has more women than he can count. Though guided by his mentor Simon, Maurice knows Right but constantly does Wrong. Then Ebony Stanford enters Maurice?s world and he begins to play a new tune. Ebony, still reeling from a nasty divorce, has just about given up on men, but when Maurice hits the right notes (everywhere) she can?t help but fall for his charms. While Maurice and Ebony get closer, Jamal is busy putting so many notches on his headboard post after each female conquest, that the post looks more like a tooth-pick. When a stalker threatens his life, Maurices warns him to slow his roll, but Jamal?s hyped behavior prevails over good sense. Just as Maurice is contemplating turning in his player card...