Обложка книги Innocence


ISBN: 0060522267;
Издательство: William Morrow
Страниц: 320

Book Description Some dreams never die. It's 1986 and eighteen-year-old Evie dreams of being an actress. Leaving her hometown of Eden, Ohio, for the first time, she's heading to London to study drama. Together with fellow students Imogene (a born-again Laura Ashley poster child and frustrated virgin) and Robbie (a native New Yorker, budding bohemian, and very much not a virgin), Evie's flung into a thrilling new world -- a world illuminated by the glamorous, outrageous Robbie. Together, anything's possible. But then life, and love, intervene. And everything changes. Fifteen years later, Evie's a single mother teaching drama to night students and living with the eccentric Bunny in her house of artistic renters. Robbie's gone now, killed in a car accident. And Evie's doing her best to forget the past, as well as the dreams they once both shared. Then an old friendship comes back to haunt Evie. Literally. And suddenly everything is...

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