Обложка книги Life Sentences

Life Sentences

ISBN: 0446576727;
Издательство: Warner Books
Страниц: 432

Book DescriptionBoston-based scientist Daisy Hubbard is driven to find a cure for the rare genetic disease that claimed the life of her brother. But her progress is interrupted when she learns her unstable sister Anna has gone missing from her California home. Once there, the situation gets worse; she?s informed by the LAPD that a known serial killer has confessed to Anna?s murder and insists upon showing her his handiwork himself. But is Anna dead? Teaming up with detective Jack Makowski, Daisy follows the killer?s twisted logic, while trying to unravel the past 10 months of her sister?s troubled life. Now, Daisy realizes her sister has become a pawn in a game with much higher stakes and Daisy must summon all her resolve to stop thekiller in his tracks, and to uncover his obsession with the disease she?s been trying her entire life to cure.

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