Обложка книги Naked Among the Tombs : A novel

Naked Among the Tombs : A novel

ISBN: 0595361463;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 174

Book DescriptionA postcard arrives from the Utah desert, bearing a simple but confusing message. The words ?When you?re ready, you?re always welcome? become the first catalyst to shake Constantine ?Gus? Cast free from his ordinary existence as a drug-addicted, corporate data harvester. After being contacted by his prodigal brother Basil, Gus begins to reflect on his existence and to record his thoughts with poetry in a private journal. The Synthetic Synergy drug Gus inhales before work heightens his ability to observe patterns and lulls him into accepting a world he once opposed. With a sweet girlfriend and gregarious best friend to share in his successes, his philosophical slacker days seem far behind him. But the ideological tradeoff he made for a content existence is not fully realized until a violent attack on a subway platform leaves him immobile and in a state of Synth withdrawal. Frightening waking visions follow Gus and force him...

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