Обложка книги Natives and Exotics

Natives and Exotics

ISBN: 0151012016;
Издательство: Harcourt
Страниц: 256

Amazon.comMoving backward through time, Natives and Exotics follows generations of one Australian family as they travel in and out of their native land, becoming "exotics" in faraway places. The first story belongs to Alice, a nine-year-old girl,living in Ecuador in the early '70s with her stepfather, an utterly soulless American diplomat, there to "help" the Ecuadorians, and her mother, vaguely wondering why she had married yet another insensitive man. Alice loves the sights and sounds and feel of Ecuador, but she longs for home. One night her mother talks about Australia. "But when Rosalind said it, there they were, the wattle, bottlebrush, snakes and Banksia man, the pebbled path beneath her feet, Grandma Vi with her thin freckled arms fanning herself with a palm frond. They all still dwelled inside Alice, near her ribs, like pain but not claimable, nothing." Then it is 1929 and Alice's grandmother, Violet, is living in Adelaide with her new husband, Alf, pregnant...