Обложка книги The Calligrapher : A Novel

The Calligrapher : A Novel

ISBN: 0618485341;
Издательство: Mariner Books
Страниц: 368

Book DescriptionA modern tale of sexual mores and city life, Edward Docx"s brilliant debut is a witty novel of spurned lovers, elaborately planned seduction, plotted revenge, and surprising secrets. Jasper Jackson is a rapacious heartbreaker who is greatly overdue for a reckoning. He is also a passionate, charming, sophisticated young Londoner, well versed in life"s ?ner enjoyments — art and wine, great food and engaging friendships — who happens to eke out his stylish existence inthe improbable vocation of calligraphy. While working on a commission to transcribe the love poetry of John Donne, he glimpses an alluring woman in the courtyard outside his window. Madeleine is in every way his match — sexy, intelligent, and, above all, elusive. But his mission to seduce her marks the start of his unraveling. A contemporary comedy of manners for fans of Nick Hornby or Julian Barnes, The Calligrapher dazzles with its acute observations about truth and deceit...

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