Обложка книги The Diet: A Novel

The Diet: A Novel

ISBN: 0974095524;
Издательство: The Wave Group, Inc.
Страниц: 278

Book DescriptionThe DIET is a novel. It is the story of Cate, slim, successful, with a husband, a family and the owner of The Cookery a successful cooking shop and school. Food had given Cate everything. Success. Family. Fame. Love. And then, one day, food betrayed her. She lost her husband, her family, almost her life. In fact, she lost everything--except her fat. Trapped on a carb-craving merry-go-round Cate ate herself into a lonely prison of fat. And then one desperate night, a miracle happens. Catediscovers the secret of The Diet and the food that sets her free to love and be loved again. She learns that a true diet isn't about failure but success, isn't about denial but about the blessings in food. The Diet novel is the story of a woman who findsnot fear or fat in food, but forgiveness, not suffering but love. Because The DIET novel is a story of love. Love of a mother and daughter. A sister. A friend. A woman and a man. Love of family and faith and the food that binds them...