Обложка книги The Guest

The Guest

ISBN: 1583226931;
Издательство: Seven Stories Press
Страниц: 368

Book Description "Writing that refuses to ignore suffering, but at the same time refuses to let itself be destroyed by destruction-which is a great challenge to any author."- Le Figaro Litteraire "Hwang Sok-Yong is the most committed, politically active writer of all those who have translated from the Korean in recent years."- Liberation During the Korean War, Hwanghae Province in North Korea was the setting of a 52-day massacre. The atrocities were attributed to the American military, but in truth, they resulted from a vicious battle between Christian and Communist Koreans. Forty years later, Ryu Yo-seop, a minister living in America, returns to his home village, where his older brother once played a notorious role in the bloodshed. Haunted by memories and visited by truth-telling apparitions, Yo-seop must face the survivors of the tragedy and lay his brother's soul to rest. Faulkner-like in its intense interweaving narratives, The Guest is a daring...