Обложка книги The Last Crossing : A Novel

The Last Crossing : A Novel

ISBN: 0802141757;
Издательство: Grove Press
Страниц: 400

Amazon.comSet in the late 19th century, The Last Crossing , Guy Vanderhaeghe's first novel since his acclaimed Englishman's Boy , is the story of three well-off English brothers: twins Simon and Charles Gaunt and their elder sibling, Addington, a former soldier and an arrogant scoundrel. At the behest of their dictatorial father, Charles and Addington travel the prairies of the U.S. and Canada in search of sensitive Simon, who has disappeared. Much of the novel concerns their journeys--bottles of port and claret rattling in their wagons--through Indian country with a cast of intricately drawn, fully realized characters. The small troupe is led through the whiskey-coloured light by Jerry Potts, a half-breed with one foot firmly in each world. The heart of the plot involves the love that Charles, a painter, feels for Lucy Stoveall, a simple but lovely country woman who accompanies them, secretly intent on avenging her sister's murder. However, the most intriguing character...

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