Обложка книги The Spear of Lepanto

The Spear of Lepanto

ISBN: 0967532930;
Издательство: Vincero Enterprises
Страниц: 335

Book DescriptionThe year is 1570 and Europe trembles on the verge of invasion by Turkish forces. In the service of Pope Pius V, Leonardo Radolowick sets out on a quest to secure a holy relic that the pope believes will decide the fate of Christian Europe. Long treasured for its power in battle, the spear, used by the Roman centurion Longinus to pierce the side of Jesus on the cross, lies secreted in Constantinople, the center of Turkish power. Radolowick?s commission is to find and recover the ancient Judeo/Christian relic from the Turks. His small band includes members of the Knights of St. John and an inquisitive young Spaniard, Miguel de Cervantes, who accompany him on the hazardous voyage east. He and Miguel quickly become friends and set out aboard a stunning new sailing vessel built from a recently recovered design by Leonardo da Vinci. On the way they confront blind ambition and savagery far beyond any they had ever imagined. All of Europe is fragmented and...

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