Обложка книги The Third Brother : A Novel

The Third Brother : A Novel

ISBN: 080211802X;
Издательство: Grove Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionNick McDonell's Twelve created a sensation around the world, establishing its seventeen-year-old author as one of the new and important voices of his generation. The Third Brother is his highly anticipated second novel. Mikeis a journalist interning in Hong Kong when his editor gives him the assignment: find Christopher Dorr, a brilliant journalist gone AWOL. So begins a propulsive journey that will take a young man headlong through fast nights in Thailand, into the grip offamily tragedy, and into the heart of September 11, 2001. Along the way he encounters a kaleidoscope of characters -- the Flying Circus, a hard-living band of journalists trying to expose the Thai government?s murderous repression of drug dealers; Tweety, an inexplicably alluring prostitute hungry to leave her world of poverty and desperation; and the third brother, a mysterious, imaginary sibling created by Mike?s haunted older brother. The Third Brother moves with the...

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