Обложка книги The Untelling

The Untelling

ISBN: 0446532460;
Издательство: Warner Books
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionBuilding on the success ofher astonishing debut, Leaving Atlanta, Tayari Jones delivers a compassionate story of one woman daring to confront the trauma of her past. Aria is no stranger to tragedy. Fifteen years ago, a family outing took the lives of her father and baby sister, leaving remaining members of this fractured family struggling to live with their own guilt-real and imagined. At 25, Aria believes she can reinvent herself through her planned marriage, with all its promise of a family of her own. But the reality of infertility changes Aria's life as swiftly and irrevocably as the urban landscape around her. With prose that is both eloquent and unflinching, Jones charts the emotional journey of her characters as they explore the painful territory of truth and the healing landscape of forgiveness.

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