Обложка книги Imagine a Day

Imagine a Day

ISBN: 0689852193;
Издательство: Atheneum
Страниц: 40

Reading level: Ages 4-8 Grade 3-6–Gonsalves awakens young readers from the twilight fantasy of Imagine a Night (S & S, 2003) and invites them to visit his evocative dreamscapes in broad daylight. The "wow" factor in every image is high,though some of the acrylic paintings pack more of a conceptual punch than others. The illustration that accompanies "imagine a day…/…when your house enfolds you/like a nest,/rocking gently/in the autumn wind" is definitely pretty neat. But "imagine a day…/…when you forget how to fall" is more deeply powerful, insightful, and visually demanding. The dust jacket copy indicates that Gonsalves's influences include such surrealist masters as Varo and Magritte, but picture-book aficionados–children included–are likely to associate these sophisticated, sensitive acrylics with other kid-friendly art by the likes of Anthony Browne and Chris Van Allsburg. Every image, from first to last, gives viewers plenty to ponder in their quieter moments,...

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