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Robert Goldblatt

Lectures on the Hyperreals: An Introduction to Nonstandard Analysis

Обложка книги Lectures on the Hyperreals: An Introduction to Nonstandard Analysis

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ISBN: 038798464X
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 312
This is an introduction to nonstandard analysis based on a course of lectures given several times by the author. It is suitable for use as a text at the beginning graduate or upper undergraduate level, or for self-study by anyone familiar with elementary real analysis. It presents nonstandard analysis not just as a theory about infinitely small and large numbers, but as a radically different way of viewing many standard mathematical concepts and constructions; a source of new ideas, objects and proofs; and a wellspring of powerful new principles of reasoning (transfer, overflow, saturation, enlargement, hyperfinite approximation etc.). The book begins with the ultrapower construction of hyperreal number systems, and proceeds to develop one-variable calculus, analysis and topology from the nonstandard perspective, emphasizing the role of the transfer principle as a working tool of mathematical practice. It then sets out the theory of enlargements of fragments of the mathematical...