Обложка книги Woman's Relationship with Herself (Women and Psychology)

Woman's Relationship with Herself (Women and Psychology)

ISBN: 0415331277;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 150

Woman's Relationship with Herself explores the relationship women have with themselves and demonstrates how this relationship is often dominated by debilitating practices of self-surveillance. Employing Foucault's notion of panoptical power, Helen O'Grady illuminates the link between this kind of self-surveillance and the broader mechanisms of social control, arguing that these negative practices prevent women from enjoying a satisfying, affirming relationship with themselves. Certain cultural factors that render women vulnerable are identified and analysed and the possibilities for developing a more empowering relationship with the self are explored. This innovative contribution to feminist debates about gender and the self will be of interest to students and researchers in social psychology, gender studies, politics, and philosophy.