Обложка книги Completely Pip & Norton

Completely Pip & Norton


ISBN: 1569716927;
Издательство: Dark Horse
Страниц: 72

To fans of the animated cartoon duo Ren and Stimpy--a volatile, violent Chihuahua and a stupid, bloated cat--Cooper and McInnes' Pip and Norton may seem merely derivative. Or they may seem the next word in mayhem, grossness, and chaos. Ren-like Pip is a lozenge-shaped, dog-eared, hyperkinetic nonhuman who rooms with Norton, a big-headed little fat guy who floats like a blimp. Pathologically needy pop-culture consumer Pip is always hell-bent on gratification, while Norton calmly points out, to no avail, Pip's stupidity, foolhardiness, and needless malevolence. The nervously drawn pair is better in long adventures than in single-panel pieces, short strips, or one-pagers. Good in this context means outrageous, and so action toys, brain-eating zombies, Norton's smelly socks, and Barbra Streisand are the mainsprings of the four long adventures on view. The Streisand opus, in which Pip murders an old lady and gets James Brolin to think he, Brolin, is the second-come Christ, is the wildest...