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Bjorn Lindgren, Arne Ryde Symposium

Individual Decisions for Health (Routledge International Studies in Health Economics)

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ISBN: 0415273935
Издательство: Routledge
Although economics is a relative newcomer to research into the determinants of good health, its significance should not be under-estimated. This book poses the important question of whether economic theory can be developed to explain why people engage inactivities that are obviously a danger to their long-term health. In looking first at the individual's own decisions that affect his or her health, and then at the impact of other agent's decisions for the individual's health, the authors provide an exhaustive account of the important issues to be faced to ensure the best future for public health care. Contributors include such experts as Peter Zweifel, Donald S. Kenkel and Mark Pauly. Of great interest to advanced students of health economics, this book will also be extremely useful to students, academics and professionals involved in the sphere of public health.
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