Обложка книги Shut Up! and Listen to Yourself

Shut Up! and Listen to Yourself

ISBN: 0972986618;
Издательство: Joshua Estrin
Страниц: 72

Use Action, Ability and Awareness as the three cornerstones to success! People dream about breaking free of thought patterns and behaviors that keep them stuck in a life they find unfulfilling, frustrating and often painful. This book is a dynamic tool that allows readers to take immediate action. Each chapter is filled with specific examples of how actions lead to results. Readers who follow the principles of this comprehensive guide will acquire all the necessary information they need to identify goals, become outcome-driven, create free time in their schedules, generate flexibility in their lives and realize unprecedented success. The book prepares the reader for change and while the advice may appear deceptively simple, the core philosophy invigorates and resonates with anyone who wants to learn to make success stick. The title is edgy, but just enough to get your attention while offering the first lesson of success: Be still, be quiet. And listen.