Обложка книги Customer-Directed Healthcare Reform with Episode Pricing

Customer-Directed Healthcare Reform with Episode Pricing

ISBN: 0324303289;
Издательство: South-Western Educational Pub
Страниц: 224

Book Description After 15 years of reform efforts, managed healthcare is on life support. But there is room for hope. Addressing what remains a key national issue, CONSUMER DRIVEN HEALTHCARE REFORM does not disparage managed care but addresses its underlying limitations. Building upon the strengths of managed care, it offers a refreshing approach for the future of healthcare. Instead of the top-down, command-and-control approach of orthodox manage care, this breakthrough book advocates a bottom-up, market-oriented strategy in which consumer choice drives prudent behavior. Though it doesn't purport to resolve all the issues within the healthcare system, the book delivers reforms that ? if deployed on a wide scale and executed properly ? will bring a far greater rationalization of our economic healthcare assets. It emphasizes that large coalitions of private sector plans, payers, and (ideally) government must come together around a common model to help defray the costs of change and to...

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