Обложка книги Cisco Voice over Frame Relay, ATM and IP

Cisco Voice over Frame Relay, ATM and IP

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ISBN: 1-57870-227-5;
Издательство: Cisco Press
Страниц: 552

Authorized self-study guide for voice over data network foundation learning This book will help you to: Configure Voice over Frame Relay, ATM, or IP using Cisco IOS(r) software Analyze existing voice hardware/software, and select the Cisco multiservice access devices that best serve your needs Analyze existing branch and regional office voice networks and services, and choose the optimum transmission method for voice traffic: Frame Relay, ATM, or IP Learn the fundamentals of VoFR, VoATM, and VoIP standards, protocols, and the Cisco hardware that supports these services Learn the basics of the Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data (AVVID) including CallManager, Cisco IP Phones, and related voice gateway equipment Design, configure, integrate, and optimize an enterprise network in remote branch and regional offices by using integrated access technology that combines voice and data transmission over Frame Relay, ATM,...

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