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J. M. Pitts, J. A. Schormans

Introduction to ATM/IP Design and Performance with Applications Analysis Software

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ISBN: 047149187X
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Many engineers and students experience difficulty in making sense of issues associated with IP and ATM teletraffic techniques. This is partly because of the subject itself: networks are flexible, complicated, and still evolving. However, some of the difficulties arise because of the advanced mathematical methods that have been applied to provide analytic tools. The research literature abounds with many and varied analytical approaches applied to a bewildering array of traffic mixes, switch designs and traffic control mechanisms. Introduction to IP and ATM Design and Performance provides: an introduction to IP and ATM traffic issues; performance evaluation using analysis and simulation; presentation of key formulas describing traffic and queueing behaviour and practical examples, graphs and tables for the design of wide area networks. Particular areas addressed include the fundamental traffic control functions: connection admission control; usage parameter control;...
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