Обложка книги SAP xApps and the Composite Application Framework

SAP xApps and the Composite Application Framework

ISBN: 1592290485;
Издательство: SAP Press
Страниц: 294

This all-new book provides developers, consultants and IT strategists with a detailed introduction to the architecture and development of SAP xApps and Custom Composite Applications using the Composite Application Framework. Learn quickly how to benefit from the flexible application architecture and how the CAF development platform enables you to easily create composites on the basis of SAP NetWeaver as well as classic business applications. The last chapters of the book provide unique insights on the design and implementation of SAP's xApps xPD and xCQM. The principal focus of the book is on the development of applications using the CAF. An exclusive sample scenario shows you exactly how to use the development tools and teaches you everything you need to know about external, entity, and application services, all UI patterns and the how to utilize the Web Dynpro foundations. Finally, you'll discover how you can use the process modeler to link these various individual components into...