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Elizabeth Alder

Crossing the Panther's Path (Thorndike Press Large Print Young Adult Series)

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ISBN: 0786250135
Издательство: Thorndike Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 314
Book Description A rousing historical novel about the War of 1812 Fifteen-year-old Billy Calder, half Irish, half Mohawk, is a bright student at his Jesuit boarding school, fluent in several European and Indian tongues, who is disgustedby the aggressive, unfair tactics of the United States government in its dealings with and treatment of Native American peoples. He has the good fortune while visiting his father, a captain of the British Army, to meet Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief whose name means “the Panther Passing Across.” Tecumseh is seeking support from British officers for his plans to unite numerous Indian tribes to fight the encroachment of Americans into the upper Midwest. Though Billy is eager to join thecause of Tecumseh, he’s compelled to wait until he is a bit older. When he can stand it no longer, he finds his way to the village of Tippecanoe, where he becomes Tecumseh’s occasional confidant and principal interpreter. As...