Обложка книги Juan & Mariano: Book 1, Passage to Monterey

Juan & Mariano: Book 1, Passage to Monterey

ISBN: 0972901604;
Издательство: Gossamer Books
Страниц: 39

Book DescriptionAn adventure was all Mariano wanted "Let?s be clear," said Mariano. "We are going to ride to Monterey, fill the carreta with the government documents, and pick up Padre Florencio. Then we will ride back to Soledad, warn all the women and children about the warships, and hide the cargo where it will be safe." That is your plan," said Juan. "My plan is to stay alive." At age eleven, Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and his nine-year-old nephew, Juan, risk their lives to save the written history of the town of Monterey. Braving mountain lions and other dangers, the boys drive a wagon through the night to carry the precious papers to safety in Soledad and warn of an approaching invasion. The lessons they learned from their heroic exploit served these brave boys well ? they grew up to become the rulers of California.