Обложка книги Miranda's Passion

Miranda's Passion

ISBN: 0595329055;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 104

Book DescriptionStrikingly beautiful with a voluptuos figure to match, the raven haired Miranda was often seen galloping madly across the cotton fields on her Georgia plantation. Riding bareback on a fast horse appealed to the fifteen year old rather than have to submit to the stuffy rules of a southern belle. Her free spirited nature often gets her into situations that send her black mistress reeling in a tirade. Once meeting the intriguing, handsome Luke Garrison at her debutante, his unexpected sensual kiss leaves her distracted and confused. Her rebellious attitude suddenly changes, after unexplained emotions have been stirred within her. She takes risks meeting the roguish Luke in forbidden areas. Always in charge of her own destiny, she will not stop until she has satisfied her curiosity. No matter what, she is determined to explore this exciting new feeling. Convinced she is falling in love, she must master this untamed Mr. Garrison at any cost to her own reputation. Her...