Обложка книги Tulsa Burning

Tulsa Burning

ISBN: 0802776965;
Издательство: Walker Books for Young Readers
Страниц: 184

Book Description The day he buried his pa, Nobe Chase lost everything—his father, his home, and his dog, Rex. Worst of all, he had to move into town to live with Sheriff Leonard—dog killer, wife stealer, and secret law-breaker of allsorts. That day, Nobe found a new purpose for his life—revenge. Hate takes over his life, burning out of control inside him. Nobe learns how dangerous hate can be when it is unleashed in a fury of fire and gunpowder during a race riotin nearby Tulsa. When the violence spills over into his hometown, Nobe must decide what kind of man he is going to become—one driven by vengeance or one driven by courage. Based on true events in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during May of 1921, Anna Myers has produced a powerful novel about a young man who must wrestle with his past and find the strength to pull free from the poisonous grip of hatred and abuse.