Обложка книги Wu-Lung & I-Lung

Wu-Lung & I-Lung

ISBN: 0975925121;
Издательство: Forest Hill Publishing
Страниц: 60

Book DescriptionAuthor M. LaVora Perry?s WU-LUNG & I-LUNG is a children?s story whose futuristic illustrations by Norio Saneshige received the ADDY© Award from the American Advertisers Federation. The story tells of a love between a father and son that transcends death and transforms a community. The tale is based on an ancient Chinese legend that Perry discovered in the writings of the 13th century Japanese sage, Nichiren. The story relays how, on his deathbed, master calligrapher, Wu-lung, asks his son, I-lung, who is also skilled in calligraphy, to never write the Lotus Sutra teaching. I-lung agrees, but is later forced by the ruler to break his promise. I-lung is utterly guilt-ridden?believing he has betrayed his father?s last wish?until a surprise visitor brings him wonderful news.