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Lynne Kositsky

Claire by Moonlight

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ISBN: 0887766595
Издательство: Tundra Books
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 280
Book DescriptionClaire’s future should be simple and predictable and include all the normal expectations of a young Acadian woman. But her life is far from straightforward. Her mother’s mental illness is a blot on the family name and Claire feels the brunt of it keenly. Her father, long sickened by his wife’s behavior, barely finds the energy to fend for his ever-growing family. Claire’s brother, Jacques, is increasingly angry and suspicious of the British soldiers who seem to take an unnatural interest in the family’s daily routine. Grandmere, well she is Grandmere – always hard to please, never capable of a single word of praise, no matter how hard Claire works to provide for all of them. And then there is Sam Douglass, handsome in his red coat and always paying attention to her. What danger does she court just by talking to him? Somehow Claire must make sense of it all before her home in Grand-Pre is changed forever. There...