Обложка книги Fagin el judio / Fagin the Jew

Fagin el judio / Fagin the Jew

ISBN: 1594970904;
Издательство: Public Square Books
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionFrom the Father of the Graphic Novel. . .Fagin the Jewrecasts Oliver Twist from the perspective of Fagin. Eisner's fresh, compelling look at prejudice, poverty, and anti-Semitism portrays the notorious villain as a complex and troubled antihero and gives him the opportunity to tell his tale in his own words. Depicting Fagin's choices and actions within a historical context, Eisner captures the details of life in London's Ashkenazi community and brilliantly re-creates the social milieu of Dickensian England. Strongly recommended --Library Journal The Leonardo of the comic book form --Civilization