Обложка книги Four Steps to Death

Four Steps to Death

ISBN: 1553377052;
Издательство: Kids Can Press
Страниц: 207

Book DescriptionIt is 1942. The Battle of Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest in history, is underway. Three participants - two fighters and a boy - are caught in its horrors. Their story is told over seven days of fierce and deadly street-by-street fighting. Vasily is a patriotic Russian soldier determined to rid his country of the hated Nazi invaders - if he can stay alive long enough. Conrad is a German tank officer, part of the seemingly unstoppable force sweeping eastward over the steppe, expecting a quick victory over Stalin's ill-trained and badly equipped army. Between them is eight-year-old Sergei, whose home is the maze of rubble that used to be the city of Stalingrad. None of them can know that their fates will be intertwined as the cataclysmengulfs them.

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