Обложка книги The Warlord's Messengers

The Warlord's Messengers

ISBN: 1589802713;
Издательство: Pelican Publishing Company
Страниц: 32

Book DescriptionThis is the sixth book in the acclaimed "Warlord?s" Series, acclaimed for its unique and artful approach to introducing math concepts to young readers. Each mathematical adventure is set in ancient China, and encourages children to use their imaginations and math skills to find solutions to the characters? dilemmas. In "The Warlord?s Messengers," the warlord?s presence is requested at the emperor?s banquet in just two weeks, but he is sixteen days away by horseback. Faced with a situation that threatens the warlord?s honor, Chuan and his friend Jing Jing must reach him in time to deliver the invitation and assure his punctuality. Using their math knowledge, ingenuity, and the wind, the children devise a sailing cart and reach the warlord?s camp two days ahead of the emperor?s messenger, just in time to deliver the invitation and save the warlord from dishonor. Like each book in the series, "The Warlord?s Messengers"...