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Damour Massacre

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The Damour massacre took place on January 20, 1976 during the 1975–1990 Lebanese Civil War. Damour, a Christian town on the main highway south of Beirut, was attacked by the Palestine Liberation Organisation units. Part of its population was killed in the battle or massacred afterwards, and the remainder forced to flee.The phalangist militia based in Damour and Dayr al Nama had been blocking the coastal road. The Damour massacre was a response to the Karantina massacre of (18 January 1976), in which Phalangists killed an estimated 1500 people. It occurred as part of a series of events during the Lebanese Civil War, in which Palestinians joined the Muslim forces , in the context of the Christian-Muslim divide, and soon Beirut was divided along the infamous Green Line, with Christian enclaves to the east and Muslims to the west.

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