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Officer Commanding

ISBN: 978-3-6399-9512-1;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

The Officer Commanding (OC) is the commander of a sub-unit or minor unit (smaller than battalion size) in widespread military usage. Normally an Officer Commanding is a company, squadron or battery commander (typically a Major). However, the commanders of independent units of smaller than company size, detachments and administrative organisations, such as schools or wings, may also be designated Officers Commanding. The term Officer Commanding cannot be applied to any officer who is given command of a minor unit. For example, a platoon commander whose platoon is part of a company would not be an Officer Commanding. The Officer Commanding with power over that platoon would be the company OC. Officer Commanding is an appointment that confers a level of additional powers and responsibilities on the appointee.

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