Обложка книги Pangman, Saskatchewan

Pangman, Saskatchewan

ISBN: 978-6-1325-0097-7;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

Pangman, formerly known as West Calder, is a village located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada; it is south of Regina. Pangman has a population of 255 and land area of 0.73 square kilometres (2001 census ).Historically, there were three one-room school districts located in the area of Pangman. Pangman School District #98, located at Section Tsp 8, Range 20, west of the 2 Meridian, was formed in 1911. The other two districts were Wild Rose School District #1876 at Tsp 9, Rge 20, west of the 2 Meridian, and Kenneth School District #2016 neighboring at NW Sec 23, Tsp 8, Rge 20, west of the 2 Meridian.

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