Обложка книги Roachmill


ISBN: 978-3-6399-9942-6;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

Roachmill was an American Comic book created by Rich Hedden and Tom McWeeney, published first by Blackthorne Publishing and then Dark Horse Comics. Blackthorne Publishing put out the first six issues of Roachmill before creators Hedden and McWeeney were lured away by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse published an additional ten issues before the series was canceled. Dark Horse also published a special introductory Roachmill story in Dark Horse Presents #17 (April 1988), to announce the acquisition of the character. Two trade paperback collections were issued. The first, Roachmill Book 1: Framed (1988), collects the first five issues. The second, Roachmill Book 2: The Greatest Roachmill Stories Ever Told (1989), features the final two Blackthorne stories, and the first Dark Horse story. Both books were published by Dark Horse.

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