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Yield Protection

ISBN: 978-6-1320-0081-1;
Издательство: Книга по требованию

Yield protection is a supposed admissions practice where a university or academic institution rejects or wait-lists highly qualified students on the grounds that such students are bound to be accepted by more prestigious universities or programs. Thus these highly qualified students would almost certainly not enroll, decreasing the yield rate and raising the acceptance rate. Yield rate refers to the proportion of students who matriculate (i.e. accept an admissions offer and attend the college) after acceptance to a college. Yield and admitted rates are of concern to academic institutions because they are sometimes factors in annual school rankings, and high yields and low acceptance rates are desirable within those ranking systems. Yield protection is sometimes called Tufts Syndrome though Tufts University is certainly not the only school accused of implementing yield protection.

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Lambert M. Surhone
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